The New Cornelia Creek

When Lou purchased the property in 1984 it had been sadly neglected. There had been no further development since the 1920s when the original irrigation system had been laid out. A whole farm plan was developed in 1984 & implementation of the plan began in 1985.

The property then began operating as a sheep & pastoral enterprise.


Development of 3 hectares of orchard for sweet (non astringent) persimmons commenced. We have Alpacas to protect the lambs and after their annual shearing their wool was hand spun to produce this lovely blanket.


1st grapes: Pinot, Shiraz, Cab Sauv, & Merlot were planted as an experimental block


Hail netting was constructed over the entire orchard.
A program to convert the open channels to underground pipes was commenced to conserve water & potential impact on the water table.

1999 -2007

Grapes were sold to our friend & winemaker Peter Beckingham of Beckingham Wines


Wine production continues & is now under the Cornelia Creek label


Construction of a refrigerated cool room to maintain wines at constant temperature


Tasting room arrived


Tasting room completed


Tasting room finally opens!